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Thank you! Thank you for participating in Yuletide, thank you for writing for me (or considering writing for me, if you found this via the community post and got curious), and thank you for reading this letter. Before we get started, there are three general points about me and Yuletide.

1. In the event you found this from the LJ community or a DW search, my AO3 username is Wasuremono. This is obviously redundant if you're my assigned writer, but you never know.

2. None of the fandoms on my list is a gimme/consolation-prize fandom. All of the canons I've requested are things I really like and would be overjoyed to have Yuletide fiction for, so whichever one you matched me on, don't worry that it's not what I really want! The length of my prompts and notes varies a bit by fandom, but that's not a reflection of my degree of desire for them. Whatever canon we matched on will be fantastic!

In the event of a last-minute pinch hit on other Yulemergency... well, this isn't really a great year for me in that regard; my fandoms are a single novel-length short-story collection (Mysterious Mr. Quin), a series of CYOA-ish fantasy gamebooks (Sorcery!), an indie comics series available in four trades (Beanworld), a JRPG (Earthbound), and a roleplaying game (Unknown Armies). Mr. Quin and Beanworld are quick enough reads if they suit your fancy? But there's not a lot of five-minute here, so apologies in advance to heroic late pinch hitters, in the unlikely event that something like this happens. (Also, if you're a late pinch hitter, I love you very much, whether you're writing for me or not.)

3. Above all else, I want you to write something you want to write. One of the great joys in Yuletide is writing in a rare fandom, and I want you to really enjoy the act of writing for me. To that end, please remember that all my optional details are optional! I'd like for my prompts and general likes/dislikes to be kept in mind, of course, but at the end of the day, what I really want from my Yuletide story is something crafted with joy and love for our shared rare fandom. If that means taking my prompts and going to strange places with them, I don't mind at all.

Likes: Gen, whether plot-based or just slice-of-life; I'm down with anything from low-key character-development pieces to insane adventure craziness, although I would prefer at least some degree of substantive plot and development. I also really like stories that develop settings -- tastes of everyday life in fantastic worlds, imaginary histories, that sort of thing. I enjoy fic set all along the time spectrum, from pre-canon events to fill-in-the-holes to post-canon; that said, I'd appreciate if stories set within the canon have something more to add to the story than just a fresh POV of your own words. I enjoy happy endings, where characters find contentment and safety (or make good progress in finding it), and in general notes of hope and optimism are always appreciated.

For non-gen stories, I tend to prefer non-dysfunctional relationship dynamics: relationships where the characters in question authentically like each other and can both grow as people because of their connection. Similarly, I prefer sex scenes to be cheerful, obviously consenting (no dubcon/noncon or seriously impaired characters), and mutually satisfying. I don't really have any kinks, so vanilla sex is fine, but the introduction of some mild kink is fine too -- light BDSM (simple bondage, blindfolds, lighthearted wrestling, that kinda thing) or genderplay, say, if it fits the scenario and characters. Het, slash, femslash, and any and all permutations thereof are fine with me.

Dislikes: PWP and similar stories focused on the raw action of sex/kink; it's fine if the "plot" of the porn is just "the characters have sex and spend some time together," but I prefer that porn be used to develop the characters in question and their relationship to one another, so I'm generally more interested in the characters' thoughts and feelings during sex than a play-by-play of the action. For similar reasons, I don't like crack pairings, and in general I'm not fond of crack or excessive AU-ing. "What if?"s based on canon or branching off from canon are great, but I'm not into coffeeshop/high-school/"not in their canon at all" AUs. I also don't like character-bashing exercises or excessively downbeat endings. I would prefer no unprompted crossovers, please; I'm fine with crossovers and fusions and whatnot, but my fandom tastes are sufficiently esoteric that I might not know or appreciate even a big fandom enough to enjoy a crossover involving it.

Squicks: This is probably redundant given my Likes section, but just in case: I really don't want to read about non-consensual or questionably-consensual sex, either for fetish or for drama/tragedy. Humiliation and abuse, particularly domestic abuse, squick me the fuck out in both sexual and platonic contexts; in general, I don't like "comedy of cruelty" sorts of material where the goal is to watch repulsive characters treat each other poorly. It's okay to have characters struggle and fail, but if they're not at least a little sympathetic and they don't have at least the possibility of a moment of grace, it's probably more irritating to me than interesting. I would also prefer no heavy kink beyond what I've already mentioned as okay and no animal cruelty, particularly directed at cats.

All right, onto the specific prompts, which are largely huge squeepiles this year:

Mysterious Mr. Quin - Agatha Christie -- Mr. Satterthwaite, Mr. Harley Quin
After reading this book and Christie's other Quin stories, I was most struck by how completely infatuated Mr. Satterthwaite is with Mr. Quin, and I'd really like a story that developed on that theme; slash would be my preference, but gen dealing seriously with Satterthwaite's emotions and Quin's response to them would be fine as well. Casefic is very welcome as well, particularly given Quin's tendency to only show up when there's something for the Love Detectives to do, but feel free to set something in between cases as well -- maybe Satterthwaite tries to hold Quin back after a case is completed, or he's trying other methods to get his attention?

Honestly, though -- whether it's slash, casefic, both or neither, a story that gets at the very odd emotional core of these stories (Satterthwaite as worldly but not jaded, with his regrets about his own inexperience and ever-building fascination with Quin; Quin with his clear admiration for Satterthwaite in turn, and the juxtaposition of his rather bland, passive persona with a sinister side) will make me very happy. Viva the Love Detectives!

General DNWs: noncon/dubcon, abusive relationships, humiliation, cruelty to cats
Fandom-specific DNWs: Satterthwaite as murder victim

If the prompt didn't make this clear: I have no idea about Christie's intent, but I find these stories slashy as all hell, and I'm mostly looking for something that makes that vibe into actual text or something like it. Obviously, this may be difficult given the sensibilities of the characters at play, and it doesn't have to involve full explicit sex or even a lot of explicit proclamations of love -- just something that addresses the elephant in the room. That said... wouldn't it be nice for Mr. Satterthwaite to finally have some kind of experience of the sort he's always watched but never really known? I can see Quin not wanting this to go too far, especially given the implications from "Harlequin's Lane" about how loving Harlequin tends to end up, but even something brief could be really interesting here.

Like I said in my prompt, casefic in the style of the canon would be great too, and don't feel obliged to integrate slash and casefic unless you really want to; gen casefic in the style of the stories would be wonderful, as would be a slash/character-focused gen piece with no (or a very peripheral) case. The combination would also be fantastic, but don't take that as obligation if you think it'll be too unwieldy!

For the record: in terms of happiness/darkness, I'm okay with the general tone of the canon here, where endings can be happy or a bit bittersweet; this doesn't have to be sunshine and roses if it doesn't fit, but I'd prefer a lack of unrelenting darkness or loss.

Steve Jackson's Sorcery! - Steve Jackson -- any character (The Adventurer, the Archmage of Mampang, Flanker, the Serpent of Time)
Oh, man, I love the Sorcery! books. These were a staple of my childhood and a gateway to my fantasy gaming hobby, and there's really nothing here I don't still adore. I would prefer gen in this fandom, please; I'm not opposed to sex or romance as an element of a Sorcery! story, but I'd prefer it not be the focus.

I'd really love to see some worldbuilding for this fandom, building up the characters and scraps of story that the books touch on but don't discuss in depth. If there's some bit of the books that intrigued you, tell me what you think's going on there! I'm open to practically anything here, but here are a few ideas:

* A story about one of the creatures and cultures we see in passing: the Red-Eyes, the Sightmasters, the She-Satyrs, that weird tentacle cook back in Khare... what are their lives like? (How do natives even navigate Khare, anyway, besides "very carefully?")

* Something about one of the places on the map of Kakhabad that we don't see in Sorcery!. I've always wondered about that southern coast and the Daddu-Yadu and Daddu-Ley caves, personally.

* Since the Serpent of Time is on the character list, I'd love to see the Serpents and their creation fleshed out a bit; that illusionary god-hydra in Mampang is one of the most flavorful encounters in the entire series, and seriously, how does something like that even happen? I'm aware of the broad overview with the Archmage and the hydra, but tell me more!

General DNWs: noncon/dubcon, abusive relationships, humiliation, cruelty to cats
Fandom-specific DNWs: Explicit sex, sex/romance focus

This is a repeat fandom for me; I dorked about it at length in my YT 2014 letter, and I received two great stories that year! However, I'm still hungry for more, because there's so much to explore here. Pretty much everything in that 2014 letter still applies, although I realized now that I never finished the playthrough I promised there. This year, I guess?

Anyway, I confess my interest in this fandom is more about general worldbuilding and less about the characters in the tag set, but if you're here for character stuff, feel free! Tell me about your Adventurer, because everyone has an Adventurer in mind when they play these, don't they? (As a kid, I always imagined the various spellcasters we see illustrated in the Spell Book as Adventurer options, although I'm pretty sure my mental image of the Adventurer was "myself but in a cool fantasy robe.") Tell me about the Archmage's bizarre magical experimentation -- seriously, there's some weird stuff going on in Mampang, with the Mucalytics and the Mutant Meatballs and that god-hydra. Tell me about some of Flanker's adventures with Vik! (Is Flanker totally in over his head in Khare, given that he got rolled by a newbie Analander in the hills?) Just go with the bits that intrigued you when you read/played these, and I'll definitely enjoy it.

Mother 2: Gyiyg no Gyakushuu | EarthBound -- Jeff Andonuts
First things first: while Jeff is my only requested character, I love everyone in the tag set, so feel free to use whoever you like! It's all good here.

Earthbound is an old favorite fandom for me, and I've fallen back in love with it this year. I love how the game feels real and personal despite having the fairly broadly-drawn characters typical of a JRPG, with the adolescent cast used to strengthen the game's themes of pain and growth, and the mixture of moments of darkness with an overall atmosphere of hope and humor. I could go on forever about Earthbound, but I'll try to focus on some prompt-shaped objects:

* I love the whole ensemble, but Jeff is my eternal favorite; I love his earnestness, his impulsiveness, his completely misplaced doubts (about his being a good friend, say, vs. about buying explosives from a random shady dude). I'd love to see Jeff-focused stories about the events of canon or afterwards, whether that's just his return to Snow Wood or later life; angst and difficulties are welcome, but I'd like to see them overcome them with the help of his friends, new and old.

* Post-canon fic about the main characters growing up and finding themselves as adults is my catnip in this fandom, especially ones where they remain close to one another. Where do they go after they've saved the world, as four of the most talented young people of their generation? What bizarre shenanigans do you come up with to justify spending time together, or do they even need excuses? This can be serious character-focused stuff, further adventures, extremely goofy stuff where they start a bad band or rent a share house for the summer... and if Tony can come to and Jeff helps him integrate into the group, that's even better.

* This is a fandom where I'm very open to both gen and shippy/smutty stuff. I multiship pretty heavily; Jeff/Tony is my biggest ship at the moment, but I also dig Ness/Paula, Paula/Jeff, and all kinds of combinations of OT3/4/5s with the main Chosen and Tony. I would prefer that any smut be futurefic where everyone involved is 18+, and would tend towards affectionate/sweet/maybe cute-awkward stuff, but otherwise I'm quite open.

General DNWs: noncon/dubcon, abusive relationships, humiliation, cruelty to cats
Fandom-specific DNWs: Deaths of characters in tagset, darkfic without happy/hopeful ending, underage sex

So this is another repeat fandom for me, as well as my major fic fandom outside of Yuletide! I apologize in advance if I have Too Many Feelings. This featured in my YT 2016 letter, mostly with prompts about psychic power/Magicant/Mani Mani worldbuilding, and apparently the confession that I have OT3 drawerfic sitting around? Good work, past self.

Anyway! Like the prompt said: Jeff is my favorite and I'd really love a fic that features Jeff prominently, but I love the entire nominated cast, individually and as an ensemble. I'm not sure I'm feeling darkfic for EB this year (or, at least, darkfic that doesn't end up with happy/hopeful resolution), but I'm cool with ensemble gen, individual-focused gen, slice of life, adventure, and ship/smut about any pairing/group that floats your boat. Post-canon stuff is great (and the only way I want to read smut for this), but inter-canon missing scenes or canon-divergent AUs are also a lot of fun. In fact, I had two AU prompt ideas that I figured were way too specific for the official prompt, so here they are:

* Paula gets herself free from Monotoli on her own and goes hunting for the boys, ending up with her having to chase them down in Moonside. Maybe they're in serious trouble, or maybe it's just a different perspective on the weirdness.
* During the Stonehenge Base rescue, Jeff is kidnapped and taken deeper into Stonehenge/some other Starman base, and Tony insists on coming with the other Chosen to save him. He may not be a chosen hero, but he's not useless, and he and the others maybe get to bond a little? (I've seen some fanon interpretations of Tony as an Action Guy, so this would be the prompt for that, if you like that. Or maybe he just plays field sports and knows his way around a shoulder check.)

While I'm on the subject of Tony: I didn't want to talk about him too much in the prompt, because he's not in my requests and I'm totally okay with him not showing up in the story, but if he does appear, I'd prefer that he have a full inner life of his own, not just be a hanger-on or appendage to Jeff. I know he doesn't get much characterization beyond that in canon, but I enjoy the Jeff/Tony relationship (as friends or as partners) better when Tony's more of an equal to Jeff and isn't the only one putting affection into the exchange. Feel free to use your own headcanons here! Snow Wood seems to be a pretty high-level school, so what are his academic interests and talents? What hobbies does he have that aren't Jeff-related? Clearly he doesn't just sit around and pine the entire time...

Beanworld (Comics) -- any character (Professor Garbanzo, Mr. Spook, Gran'Ma'Pa, the Fix-It Shop)
Beanworld is an amazing ride, and the last volume sparked so many questions for me! I'd really love to read a story dealing with the rooted-setting-entities of the Beanworld (Gran'Ma'Pa and the Fix-It Shop) and their greater relations to the Beanworld, because the bits we have are tantalizing. We know that the current cycle is wildly off-course, but how would a "normal" one have gone? Gran'Ma'Pa still listens to and answers prayers, but would those answers be more direct if not for the poisoning sustained during Mr. Spook's origin? Contrariwise, is the Fix-It-Shop doing *more* talking than normal to try and get the ambulatory elements of the system up to speed? Do Gran'Ma'Pa and the Fix-It Shop communicate with one another? Do they have plans to make this all work out, somehow, before the end of the cycle? Feel free to give me your own worldbuilding speculations here -- there are so many possibilities and I'd love to read them all.

This is another canon where I love the whole ensemble, so feel free to use who you like! I nominated Mr. Spook and Professor Garbanzo because they relate most closely to the setting-characters (and also because they're my favorites, because I am shameless). If you don't feel up for big worldbuilding, I'd also love some "day-in-the-life" stuff about the beans living their lives, either unseen stuff from spring or a continuing unfolding of summer. This world and cast are so vibrant and delightful that I'll happily read about an ordinary day in their lives.

I'd prefer gen in this fandom, please. (I don't even know how smut would work, or if it could work, so... let's not try. My guilty-pleasure ship is Mr. Spook/Proffy, but God knows you don't have to write that, because I still haven't figured out how to do it plausibly.) I would prefer a tone close to the canon, and no need to ignore or underplay its occasionally dark and violent themes, but I'd rather it not get any darker than what the world already is.

General DNWs: noncon/dubcon, abusive relationships, humiliation, cruelty to cats
Fandom-specific DNWs: Darkfic beyond canon tone

Talk about another canon I could talk about all day. Beanworld is an intricate ecological/anthropological fantasy that manages to pull off being very tightly built while still having plenty of things to elaborate on, especially in the last volume, which makes it clear that so much is happening and the future of the world is wide open. My prompt focuses on the new stuff we got about the Fix-It Shop and what it might imply about the setting/"guardian" characters, but frankly, if you have Beanworld theories about anything, I want to hear them. Or if you just want to write me some Beanworld characters on a little adventure, or an ordinary day, I'd like that too! Like it says in the prompt, I'm good with the entire ensemble, although I'd prefer that the Beanish/Dreamishness plot not really be front and center.

This is going to be a relatively short portion of the letter because I'm legitimately not sure what else to write about, and you probably don't want to hear my esoteric headcanons anyway? But trust me, this is a fandom where any fic will delight me, because the whole canon is so joyous for me even when it's weird and dark and confusing. I love the cast being sort of archetypal culture-heroes while also being unique, flawed individuals. I love the evolution of bean society. I love the enduring mysteries and the bizarre sprawl of the Big Big Picture.

Unknown Armies -- any character (no characters in tag set)
Okay, this is where the weird dark stuff lives. I would prefer no sexual violence or degradation in this fandom, and a minimum of extended gore/torture/extreme violence, but otherwise? Get crazy with the Cheez Whiz, friend. Unknown Armies is a fucked-up world, and feel free to bring the pain.

I love Unknown Armies for its human-centric focus -- a modern horror setting without classical "monsters," just the terrible power of obsession -- and the combination of down-to-earth themes and extreme high weirdness. I'm not really interested in the canonical cosmic-level NPCs (Dermott Arkane, the Freak, et al.), and am overall mostly interested in street- or global-level goings-on; beyond that, though, I'd love to hear any story you can tell me about the UA setting, any edition. A few ideas:

* One of the best parts of UA is its rumors and sundry scraps and story hooks. Elaborate on one of those! What's up with the Wal-Mart fortune-teller, and what does he use all those lemons for? The spot in Delaware nobody can remember, or the town on Pennsylvania a Dipsomancer dreamed up? The Sex Ghost?

* Tell me about a day in the life of the Agents of a Room of Renunciation (one of the canon ones, or one of your own devising). Is it mostly just intercepting weirdos, or is there real cosmic work to be done? Do any rooms connect to or communicate with one another? Do rooms ever change, and what happens to their agents when they do?

* The exploits of a group of non-magick-users embroiled in the Occult Underground; I've always liked the "Tuxedo Squadron" idea from the UA 2E core (stage magicians who went after the real secrets, discovered they weren't worth it, and are still stuck in the subculture), but there are a lot of options. How do you fight magickal geeks when your main weapon is common sense and not being bound to all the restrictions of magick taboo?

General DNWs: noncon/dubcon, abusive relationships, humiliation, cruelty to cats
Fandom-specific DNWs: Sexual violence, excessive non-sexual violence

This is another one where I'm not sure what to say that wasn't in the prompt, but here are a few things, to clarify some preferences of mine:

* I have both 2nd and 3rd editions of UA and am fine with content from either, or both, mixed and matched as you see fit. My 2E collection is pretty complete, so feel free to use any minutiae there you want; for 3E, I just have the core books and haven't delved into the stuff they're releasing on PDF for Kickstarter backers, although I'll try to catch up.

* When I say that I'm not interested in the canonical cosmic-level NPCs, I mostly mean the big threads that the game already explores: Dermott Arkane/his proxies and the other avatars in the To Go charge race, Dirk Allen and the Freak, Alex Abel, and the Naked Goddess cult material. If you're interested in using more niche or street-level figures from the canon, go ahead! And original characters within the universe are great.

* Feel free to go dark, but I'd prefer this not get too bleak. Something I like about UA is that everything, even the cosmic stuff, isn't loaded with the inevitable heavy-handed doom of a lot of horror; even the worst existential threats are potentially defeatable by someone with a magical Jesus-fish decal, or a pocket knife and some inadvisable ideas, or a mini-bike and a bag full of bottle rockets. An edge of absurdity is also really valuable to the UA tone for me, so if you can work that in, it's fantastic.


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