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Dear Yuletide Writer,

Thank you! Thank you for participating in Yuletide, thank you for writing for me (or considering writing for me, if you found this via the community post and got curious), and thank you for reading this letter. Before we get started, there are three general points about me and Yuletide.

1. In the event you found this from the LJ community or a DW search, my AO3 username is Wasuremono. This is obviously redundant if you're my assigned writer, but you never know.

2. None of the fandoms on my list is a gimme/consolation-prize fandom. All of the canons I've requested are things I really like and would be overjoyed to have Yuletide fiction for, so whichever one you matched me on, don't worry that it's not what I really want! The length of my prompts and notes varies a bit by fandom, but that's not a reflection of my degree of desire for them. Whatever canon we matched on will be fantastic!

In the event of a last-minute pinch hit on other Yulemergency, probably the easiest and least time-consuming of my canons to learn are They Were Eleven (short stand-alone manga story) and Furious 7 (feature film), although Watership Down (single adult-novel-length book) may be a contender. The other three are video games (two JRPGs and one browser game), which take more time, and Fallen London in particular is very complicated. If my letter somehow inspires you to get into Fallen London or speedrun Mother, feel free, but don't feel obliged, okay?

3. Above all else, I want you to write something you want to write. One of the great joys in Yuletide is writing in a rare fandom, and I want you to really enjoy the act of writing for me. To that end, please remember that all my optional details are optional! I'd like for my prompts and general likes/dislikes to be kept in mind, of course, but at the end of the day, what I really want from my Yuletide story is something crafted with joy and love for our shared rare fandom. If that means writing completely off my prompt, I don't mind at all.

Likes: Gen, whether plot-based or just slice-of-life; I'm down with anything from low-key character-development pieces to insane adventure craziness, although I would prefer at least some degree of substantive plot and development. I also really like stories that develop settings -- tastes of everyday life in fantastic worlds, imaginary histories, that sort of thing. I enjoy fic set all along the time spectrum, from pre-canon events to fill-in-the-holes to post-canon; that said, I'd appreciate if stories set within the canon have something more to add to the story than just a fresh POV of your own words. I enjoy happy endings, where characters find contentment and safety (or make good progress in finding it), and in general notes of hope and optimism are always appreciated.

For non-gen stories, I tend to prefer non-dysfunctional relationship dynamics: relationships where the characters in question authentically like each other and can both grow as people because of their connection. Similarly, I prefer sex scenes to be cheerful, obviously consenting (no dubcon/noncon or seriously impaired characters), and mutually satisfying. I don't really have any kinks, so vanilla sex is fine, but the introduction of some mild kink is fine too -- light BDSM (simple bondage, blindfolds, lighthearted wrestling, that kinda thing) or genderplay, say, if it fits the scenario and characters. Het, slash, femslash, and any and all permutations thereof are fine with me.

Dislikes: PWP/excessively mechanical porn; I prefer that porn be used as a tool to develop the characters involved and their relationship with one another, and therefore "$character did $sexact to $othercharacter all night long hooo baby" exercises don't do much for me. For similar reasons, I don't like crack pairings, and in general I'm not fond of crack or excessive AU-ing. "What if?"s based on canon or branching off from canon are great, but I'm not into coffeeshop/high-school/"not in their canon at all" AUs. I also don't like character-bashing exercises or excessively downbeat endings. I would prefer no unprompted crossovers, please; I'm fine with crossovers and fusions and whatnot, but my fandom tastes are sufficiently esoteric that I might not know or appreciate even a big fandom enough to enjoy a crossover involving it.

Squicks: This is probably redundant given my Likes section, but just in case: I really don't want to read about non-consensual or questionably-consensual sex, either for fetish or for drama/tragedy. Humiliation and abuse, particularly domestic abuse, squick me the fuck out in both sexual and platonic contexts; in general, I don't like "comedy of cruelty" sorts of material where the goal is to watch repulsive characters treat each other poorly. It's okay to have characters struggle and fail, but if they're not at least a little sympathetic and they don't have at least the possibility of a moment of grace, it's probably more irritating to me than interesting. I would also prefer no heavy kink beyond what I've already mentioned as okay.

Anyway, onto the prompts and fandom-specific notes!

Fallen London | Echo Bazaar - The Repentant Forger, The Regretful Soldier, the Bishop of Southwark
First off, don't feel obliged to use all of my requested characters! They're the ones I'm most interested in receiving fic about, and I'd prefer fic with at least one of them, but Fallen London is such a huge, amazing canon that I'd like you to feel free to play with the parts you love best. Here are some prompts:

* The Repentant Forger has always struck me as someone who deserves more exploration, especially since his major plot in-game is about the player character using and abusing him for dubious ends. I'd like to see fic where he gets to shine as a person instead of a recipient of suffering: something about his backstory, maybe, or about why he decided to change his ways, or his hopes and dreams for a legitimate life, or balancing his own principles with his criminal contacts. Friendship (or romance, perhaps) with the player character or other NPCs would be great!

* There's a bit about the ill-fated invasion of Hell in canon already, but more is always better. Did the Regretful Soldier and the Bishop of Southwark know each other during the invasion? Do they know each other now, as veterans whom post-war life has treated very differently? Solo Soldier or Bishop fic is more than welcome, but throwing them together is also great. I've played the Fate-locked Soldier content, so feel free to reference it if you like, although I'd prefer to avoid the spirifrage ending.

I'm fine with gen as well as shipfic/porn for Fallen London, and I'm pretty flexible about pairings, but I'd prefer no porn or non-canon pairings for the Regretful Soldier, please. Feel free to go nuts with the Forger, though! (He lives in Veilgarden, after all, a major center of unusual romance in London.)

For the record, it was extremely hard to pick a character set for Fallen London! The game is so intricately-written and fascinating that I could probably have picked any set of characters from the tagset and come up with prompts. Seriously, if there's some other FL story of your heart yearning to be free, go for it. The one thing I really would rather not see for this fandom is a story just about characters being made to suffer without any kind of payoff; I know one of the themes of Fallen London is that the fastest route to power and wealth is stepping on others, especially for the player character, but I'd rather read something a bit more hopeful, or at least involving trouble coming to people who have actually earned it. My greatest sympathies in Fallen London are for the lowly: the urchins scraping by on rats and ritual, the Rubbery Men trying to live in a city that has no use for them, the Clay Men seeking decent treatment in a city that has too much use for them, and all the little people trying to survive the long Neathy nightmare. The Forger and the Soldier are both in this category, and one suspects the Bishop is closer to the precipice than he thinks.

Unfortunately, all three of the characters I've requested have their major stories locked behind paywalls (Secrets Framed In Gold for the Forger, the eponymous Soldier's Heartbreaking Tale for the Soldier, and Diocesan Intrigue for the Bishop). If you've played that content, feel free to include it! Tell me more about the Soldier's home life, or write me a "spare the Forger" ending for Secrets Framed In Gold that's a bit more of an actual ending, instead of just the story stopping because you weren't cruel enough. (I'd really love that, actually -- SFiG was a huge letdown for me because of that non-ending.) If you haven't played that Fate-locked content, though, don't stress it. I'm fine with a story that's just about the elements of these characters we see in the vanilla game: the Soldier's unbudging sadness, the Forger's tension between the life he wants and the life he's tangled up in, the Bishop's completely bizarre ideas and affinity for wrestling... like I mentioned in the prompt, worldbuilding about the attack on Hell would be great, or maybe the byzantine weirdness of the Church?

Availability: Fallen London is an online browser game located here! It's free to play, but a bit slow-paced (energy/turn-based, with one action regen per ten minutes, and very grindy), and a fair amount of content is gated behind paywalls. The writing is worth it, though. For more convenient reference, I love this lore Tumblr, which has facts and speculation about most of the weirdnesses of Fallen London.

Mother : EarthBound Zero - any
I love pretty much everything about Mother: the weirdness, the tone of simultaneous melancholy and hope, the strength and endurance of the kids against all odds, and so much more. Feel free to write about any characters, nominated or not! Here are a few ideas:

* Post-canon fic about the protagonists in young adulthood, ideally still close to one another. If you want to integrate elements from Mother 2/Earthbound, it would be cool to see them deal with the return of Giegue/Giygas, but if not, no worries! Peaceful life is great, too. I'd love to see exploration of the future of the setting: how is all this business with psychics and aliens going to change the world? The protagonists are in an ideal position to be bridges between the mundane and weird worlds, too.

* If you're comfortable writing about non-nominated characters, there's also pre-canon fic about Maria and George, possibly in the wake of Maria's death. What was it like for her to become Queen Mary and begin to build Magicant? What about George, reverse-engineering alien technology to create EVE in the wake of his own grief? What about their kids, Ninten's ancestors?

* The canon itself has plenty of interesting issues to explore, too! How do the kids cope with their long journey? What's the deal with Loid's dad? How in the world does Loid acquire that tank, let alone drive it? (Seriously, man. Loid and the tank.)

A note on shipping: I'm cool with shipfic in this fandom, but I would prefer that Teddy not be shipped with any of the other party members, just because of the age differences at play. I'd also prefer nothing explicit for this fandom, and probably no heavy-duty romance at all unless the characters are aged up to at least late adolescence. Thanks!

Like I said in the prompts, I really love just about everything about Mother (yes, even the gameplay, God help me), and a fic that can pull off anything close to the tone of the canon would be delightful. I nominated this one and the four main protagonists, but I can't think of a character in the game that I wouldn't be fine with fic about, and I sincerely wish I'd had a nomination slot for Maria/Queen Mary and George, because their story is fascinating.

This is another canon where I'd like to avoid gratuitous suffering, if possible. The tone of the Mother games can get very dark at times, and I'm fine with harrowing danger, but I'd prefer that our protagonists triumph or at least muddle through. (Canon darkness is fine, of course -- I don't expect, say, pre-game Maria to live out a story or to have an easy transformation to Queen Mary -- but basically I just don't want whump for the kids, you know? They have enough.)

As mentioned, I'm fine with crossover elements from the other Mother games, although I tend to prefer that the connecting threads be the ones we actually see in the games and not pure speculation. That said, if you have an amazing idea, try me! I love reading fanfics that have authentically novel ideas about the Mother universe, and I won't judge you if I don't agree.

Availability: Mother now has a legitimate English-language translation on the WiiU Virtual Console as "Earthbound Beginnings!" I haven't played that version yet, unfortunately (no WiiU), but I'd encourage anyone with the console and an interest to support that release. The leaked-translated Earthbound Zero ROM is no doubt still floating around the usual places, though.

Mother 3 - Duster, Kumatora
Duster/Kumatora is my Mother 3 OTP, so I'd really love some shipfic, but friendship fic would also be great if you don't ship them. I really love their core relationship dynamic of being very different people who still clearly respect and care about each other, and they share the fact of having been brought up in semi-dysfunctional storybook "roles," which I think could be interesting to explore. Whether you consider their relationship platonic or not, I think they have a lot to offer each other. (For romantic stuff, I'd prefer they be in a relationship of equals, which probably means setting it during or after the three-year timeskip, so that they're both unambiguously young adults.) A few prompts:

* Something set during, or reflecting back on, the three-year timeskip and Duster and Kumatora's experiences at Club Titiboo. Was "Lucky" really a complete amnesiac? Where did his talent for the bass come from? Did "Violet" make any attempt to remind him of his real life before Lucas showed up, or was she mostly focused on looking out for him?

* An exploration of the post-game world -- just what's out there, and how do Duster and Kumatora fit into it, freed from their roles and able to forge their own paths in life?

* A scene from the journey in Chapter 7 or 8, once the needle hunt is fully underway. The path to the end of the world isn't the greatest time to confront your feelings for a friend, but that won't exactly make those feelings go away...

If these two aren't clicking for you, feel free to write me fic about either of them separately! Any character exploration you want to do is great; what does it mean to be be a "princess" in an empty castle, or a "thief" somewhere that barely recognizes the concept of private property? These two are so entangled with their half-formed, quickly-broken world, and that's fascinating to me.

I'm not sure I want to write a ship manifesto here or anything -- this letter is already at 2500 dang words and we're three requests in out of six! -- but seriously, I love this pairing to death. Basically anything will make me happy here, and if you want to write smut, please go hog wild! This and Fallen London are my two smut-friendly requests. (FL is probably more for weird smut, this one more for sweet stuff.)

I didn't mention them in the prompts, but I'd also be happy to see Wess and/or the Magypsies show up, if they fit your needs. Wess I see as a bit of a tragic figure, someone who became a quasi-abusive parent because of trying too hard, as opposed to the more common neglectful father figures of the Mother games; the Magypsies are just intriguing (and a potential Mother 1 connection, with their Magicant shell-houses!), and we don't see enough in the game of their relationship with Kumatora. The tension between Duster and Kumatora's roles in Tazmily and their actual personalities extends a bit into their family life, which could be cool to see explored.

Honestly, M3 is a hard fandom for you to go wrong in if you're writing fic for me, even if you're drawing a blank on my prompts. I would rather not receive fic about Lucas and/or Claus, just because there's already so much, but otherwise, my heart is open. And my body is ready.

Availability: Mother 3 has no legitimate English-language release, but there's a free fan-made English translation patch here, although that requires your own ROM.

Watership Down - Richard Adams - Silverweed
I'm completely fascinated by Cowslip's warren, and Silverweed strikes me as the character most representative of his culture, using art as a shelter against all-encompassing fear. I'd really love something about Silverweed's daily life, particularly in the context of the very non-rabbitish way his world is evolving. What's going on with rabbit visual art, and how does it interact with the more traditional modes of poetry and storytelling? What is it like to be a fragile precognitive in an environment like Cowslip's warren, where even the normal rabbits live under a cloud of dread? What's a normal day like for Silverweed -- or a good one? Worldbuilding would be fantastic! Feel free to use any other characters if you think they fit: Silverweed's comrades, foreign rabbits, OCs...

For this fandom, I'd prefer gen, although references to rabbit romance and/or the life cycle are fine, especially if they're integrated into the worldbuilding. Please, no explicit sexual content, though!

First off, I should mention that I requested WD a couple of years ago and got absolutely fantastic Yuletide fic for it! I normally don't re-request stuff I've received, especially not as good as that crop of fics was, but seeing Silverweed and general Cowslip's-warren-based characters in the tag set gave me ideas.

I requested Silverweed, and I'd like him to play a part in any story I receive for Watership Down, but I can roll with either a character-centric Silverweed story or something focused on general worldbuilding for his warren. I'm a sucker for anthropological fantasy, and I'm endlessly intrigued by the implications in Watership Down that Cowslip's warren is being influenced by human ideas and mutating into something less than purely rabbit. That's probably not a fully positive development, but maybe it's not fully negative either? I don't necessarily want the warren situation sugarcoated, because it's unquestionably a terrible place, but exploration of its complexities could be nice.

I'm fine with a darker tone for this request than some of the requests above. I'd prefer that it not be straight-ahead rabbit snuff or to get really extended gory depictions of rabbit death, but Watership Down isn't in the business of pulling punches about how lapine lives tend to end. If someone has to die, so be it.

Availability: There are no doubt non-legit sources of this novel online, but it's also probably available at your local public library or bookstore. That may seem like a cop-out, but seriously -- track this one down, and maybe invest a couple of bucks in a used paperback. It's worth it.

Furious 7 (2015) - Ramsey
F7 was my first Fast and the Furious movie, and I'm in love with its sheer action-film insanity, where you can flex away a broken limb and no car stunt is too stupid or implausible. Ramsey almost seems like an ambassador from a slightly less gonzo universe, and I'd really like to see a fic about her learning how to be a part of the team. Maybe she's diving into the deep end on these car shenanigans -- after all, everyone who hangs out with this team should really know how to drive a car like it's airborne and on fire, because eventually it will be -- or maybe she's figuring out clever ways to integrate her own talents with the team's jobs. (Engines are so computerized these days that a world-class hacker should be able to devise a few mean tricks, after all.) I'd love to see her be resourceful and roll with the punches even when things get seriously weird.

If you want to write a heist/job in the style of the canon, that'd be great, but if you'd rather do some more low-key stuff focused on training and legwork, that's fine too. I'd love something with the same complete ridiculous intensity as the canon, but I respect that that's not easy to write. I'd prefer gen, though, and a relative focus on Ramsey over the rest of the cast.

I feel a tiny bit awkward about this request, because I know that most of the FatF fandom is into the found-family themes and character dynamics with the main crew. These are good things to like! I just am way more interested in the action/heist elements. Please don't feel obliged to do a lot of research about cars/computer crime/other crime/etc. to write this one; like I mentioned in the prompt, I love the Nonsense Action Movie World feeling of F7, so implausible action is just fine! (I also have very little technical knowledge of cars, computer hacking, and action-movie stuff, so I won't nitpick you.)

I'm interested in Ramsey because, while she's a complete fish out of water for most of F7, she's never completely sunk. She rolls with the punches remarkably well for someone in her position, and she's clearly got a fine mind and a certain degree of resourcefulness. I'd love to see her applying her resourcefulness to a heist scenario where she's an active participant, not a MacGuffin.

My thoughts on F7 can be summed up by my response just after I saw it: "wow, so that's a movie where they thought of the dumbest thing they could do with a car in that situation, then made it at least 50% dumber." In case it's not clear, that's high praise. You don't have to write me 150%-stupid car stunts if that's not your thing, but if you think it might be fun, please give it a shot! I'd absolutely love crazy stunts for Yuletide.

Availability: F7 is available from various digital services! I believe Google Play and iTunes both have it for about $5.

11人いる! | They Were Eleven (Manga) - any characters

They Were Eleven sketches out an amazingly diverse universe, and I'd love some worldbuilding fic about it! The few sketches of planetary life we get from the cast could easily launch whole fics on their own, and a big chunk of the intriguing ensemble cast never gets their time in the spotlight, so I'd love to hear their stories. There's character backstory, the broader backstory of the Terran colonies and their interactions with alien races (what's up with the guys whose religion keeps them from basic communication, anyway?), post-canon fic about the University lives of our cast... there's just a ton of material to work with, and you should feel free to let your imagination run wild. Feel free to use any of our titular Eleven -- TWE has a great ensemble cast, and I'd be happy to learn more about any of them.

That said, I recognize that Frol and Tada were the only two characters nominated, so don't fret if you hoped to write fic about them -- that's great too! I think the end of the story leaves them both with directions for further exploration. In Tada's case, there's still a lot he needs to understand about his past: why the Elder sealed it away, for one thing, and what exactly he was trying to accomplish with the traumatic reveal. What's really going on there? When it comes to Frol, I'd love to see a more nuanced consideration of gender-identity issues. The only part of the manga that left a bad taste in my mouth was the implication that Frol would become a woman just to be with Tada, and I'd like to see Frol have the chance to make a more nuanced decision about gender, especially in the more egalitarian society of the University. I'm fine with Frol choosing either gender (or choosing to develop naturally), but I'd like to see it as a free decision not made under pressure from external factors. I'm cool with Frol/Tada, whether that turns out to be het, slash (Frol goes male but Tada's actually fine with that!), or something in between.

This is, I believe, the third year I've requested They Were Eleven with the same prompt. I still want it just as much as I did the first year, because I think it's an absolutely ideal jumping-off point for great fanfic: a short sketch of a setting and cast with tremendous untapped potential, but still presenting enough solid plot and character to be really enjoyable in its own right.

I did my best not to go nuts on requesting un-nominated characters, since I know those sorts of requests are the bane of those who go to Yuletide to actually write the nominated characters, but holy crap, I would read fic about any of the characters who appear in TWE, along with some who don't. (There were sixty-nine other examination teams, after all, and they all had their own disasters to contend with. If you wanted to write about an examination team of OCs having everything go wrong, I'd love to read it!) I'd be happy to know more about the applicant homeworlds we saw glimpses of in the manga, the worlds we didn't see, the University... I know I already gushed about the potential for worldbuilding in the request, but there's just so many possibilities.

That said, if you signed up to write Tada and Frol, there are a ton of possibilities there too! I mentioned in the request that I'd love to see a more nuanced look at Frol's development of mature gender identity, both for its own sake and as a fix-it for the kind of unpleasant "Frol offers to become female to please Tada" bit from the ending, but in general seeing Frol interact with broader galactic society and grow as a person because of it would be great. Tada has some growing to do, too -- like I mentioned, it strikes me that he still has a lot to understand about his past (and some pointed questions to ask the Elder), and I imagine the entrance exam isn't the last time he's going to struggle with his intuition at University. Overall, I think Frol and Tada have a lot of potential to help each other and see their relationship develop, whatever gender Frol ends up being.

Alternately, if this is all sounding too issuefic-y for you, there's always space adventure. I will devour a space adventure about Frol, Tada, and/or their exam-mates, whether it's a plotty epic about a crisis on a colony planet or a meditation on how sometimes space piloting can be sort of boring.

Availability: They Were Eleven seems to be in licensing Hell and is thus spottily available, but I was able to track down a not-particularly-great-quality scan here. There are probably other dubiously-legit ways to download it or Four Shoujo Stories, the anthology in which it was collected for English-language release.


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